Graphene Quantum Dots and Nanosensors for Detection of Glucose, Pesticides and Long-chain Aldehydes

Project Detail:

Graphene quantum dots (GQDs) are currently attractive materials because of their low toxicity, biocompatible materials, excellent dispersion, and small particle size. Apart from the interesting properties of GQDs, their performances show a benefit of photoluminescence properties. The GQDs, thus, are of intense current interest in biosensors and bioimaging. For green chemistry, we attempt to use the GQDs as the biosensor because of non-toxicity materials and particular of a facile preparation with one pot of green synthesis regarding the use of less chemical substance and water for synthesis. Moreover, the dye-encapsulated nanomaterials for sensing application offer a promising well-water soluble materials in advantages of green chemistry.

SDG: Good Health and Well-Being
Green Chemistry: Safer Solvents, Real Time Analysis

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