Graphene/Cellulose, Silver/Cellulose, ZnO/Cellulose, Cationic Polymer/Cellulose Nanocomposite for Antiviral and Antibacterial Applications

Project Detail:

Design, develop process,fabricate prototype, and commercialization of antiviral and antibacterial coating using cellulose (amorphous cellulose, nanocrystalline cellulose, nanofibril cellulose) as the carrier and substrate for active compounds (GO, AgNP, Ag3PO4, ZnO). The projects are application oriented with the aim on new product development for commercialization together with industrial partners.

Green Chem: Atom Economy; Less Hazardous Chemical Synthesis; Designing Safer Chemicals; Safer Solvents & Auxiliaries; Use of Renewable Feedstocks; Reduce Derivatives; Design for Degradation; Safer Chemistry for Accident Prevention

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