Polymeric Micellar Nanoreactors for Organic Reactions in Water

Project Detail:

Most chemical reactions are performed in organic media which are mostly toxic and eventually become problematic from both economical and environmental perspectives. To explore better routes to make chemical process “Greener”, this research aims to develop micellar systems of which hydrophobic pockets can dissolve and stabilize organic substrates in water and act as homogenous catalysis or nanoreactors for organic synthesis. The micellar systems are prepared from amphiphilic copolymers having pentafluorophenyl ester (PFPA) as hydrophobic and functionalizable core once self-assembled in water. These functional polymeric micellar nanoassemblies should serve as customized nanoreactors for diversified chemical and biochemical processes in aqueous media.

Green Chemistry: Waste Prevention, Less Hazardous Synthesis, Safer Solvents, Catalysis

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