Application Process

1. Go to choose “Admission” choose “Admission System”

2. You will be directed to Choose “APPLY”

3. Click “International Program”

4. Search for “Green Chemistry” then choose program from the list.

5. Choose view each program

6. Press “APPLY” then follow the process

7. Upload documents on the system, then save and download the application form.

8. Submit documents required to email: to receive the payment of application fee method.

Documents Required for Application

  1. Application Form (Download from
  2. A copy of citizen ID (for Thai student) or a copy of passport (for international student)
  3. A copy of transcript in Bachelor’s degree/ Master’s degree
  4. A copy of CU-TEP score/Thai or TOEFL score or IELTS score (Exam results remain valid not more than 2 year)
  5. A statement of purpose